dTp-Archive-001 – MüG

MüG - SamplePack01We all love analog sounding synthesisers and we all know how much they can be expensive. To help you to achieve that analog feel we built a new device that will give you some of that energy that only an analog synth can give: MüG
MüG is a sample based synthesizer you can download together with a sample library made from our glorious MOOG SUB37.
With MüG you will have access to many options for shaping your sounds and enjoy the analog sound of our virtual instrument.

– Double click the .alp file to install the project, live will ask you to set a destination folder.
– After the process of installation head to the project and open it.
– Clicking on the save button of the device will let you save the device into your user library.
System requirements: Ableton Live 9.6.1

Check the Video Tutorial

or just use the .wav samples