dTp-Archive-007 – Electro

We are so excited to share this Sample Pack with you all, guys!
A collection of 51 ideas of loops with basses, drums, and Synths! All sound designed by DeepTanz Productions!
Make sure to get it now!

Metalogue – Icon of Extinction

Metalogue is a London based music producer delivering always beautifully crafted beats, we had the honor of mastering his last release for Pokora Sound System.
The tune is a mix of metallic drums, aggressive synths, and heavy breaks mixed together with a heavy metal aesthetic that will engage any hardcore listener.
Stay tuned!
More releases to come!

dTp-Archive-006 – Deep Minimal Tech

Sound designed by DeepTanz Productions, a collection of 180 loops and MIDI clips, for Electronic Music compositions.

dTp-Archive-005 – Electronic Music

Sound designed by DeepTanz Productions, a collection of loops for Electronic Music compositions.

dTp-Archive-004 – Hard Breaks and Soft Melodies

Sound designed by DeepTanz Productions, a collection of 15 loops for your Break Core’s compositions!
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The Swine Beat Tape Vol​.​1 by Matheus – mastered by dTp

We are proud the new release of Matheus: The Swine Beat Tape Vol.1
mastered by Marcello Ruggiu at DeepTanz Productions:


My first official beat tape, this is no Breakcore release, although it is a break from the core (pun intended), nope, just 100% Hip-Hop vibes on this one, this beat tape is for the ones who just want to relax in their living rooms, in their car, chilling out with friends, places where you can just unwind, blaze one down and reflect on yourself and smile about life.

These tracks were made in the production process of the albums ‘Reformed’ & ‘Personal To Me’ coming out 2019! 2 of these beats are from the upcoming collaboration with me & Lil Orti Trum. A lot of my personal hip-hop influences came out in this release such as DJ Krush, Portishead, Evidence, Eric Lau, MF Doom, 2Late and the list goes on.

If you would like beats from me for your releases, hit me up at matheus.music.1@hotmail.com or Facebook me and add me!

‘The Swine Beat Tape Vol.2’ Coming September 2018


released April 20, 2018

Produced & Artwork by Rob Moran
Mastered by Amousement at DeepTanz Productions

dTp-Archive-003 – Elephant Prodige

Elephant Prodige
is our latest device,
a series of presets for Wavetable in Ableton Live 10 Suite.

All presets are customizable!


Remember to activate the yellow Auto select button to visualize the preset you loaded via the –Preset– Macro.



Welcome to – AKA GEORGE – at dTp!

Copia di akageorge_avatar-square
George is a songwriter / producer based in East London.
He started on drums, guitar and piano in 2004 and continues to use many organic instruments in his music today.
He performs with his solo project AKA George, and produces for others. George’s forte is arrangement and composition.
Sometimes loop-based music can feel restrictive or rigid – this is where George comes in.
His songwriting skills make him the perfect collaborator to take a birds-eye-view of your project, and breathe new life into it.
Whether you need help with an arrangement, lyrical inspiration, or simply don’t know where to start, George is your guy.

Facebook Page
Youtube Channel

Floyd G – Macflo (KLUBASIC Records)

DTP is happy to announce it’s latest production work that is finally being released.


Young Italian producer Floyd G has released his first single “Macflo” on Klubasic Records: traxsource.com/title/723125/macflo
our team helped the Italian producer to helped him and finalised the project to help him to realize his idea.

Giuseppe Di Iorio AKA Floyd G, born in Foggia, moves his first steps into music at the age of 8, playing drums in the music school of his town directed by the successful Gianni Di Carlo (drummer of the official PFM cover band). He will go on with his studies on drums for 8 years, following also his passion for vinyls and all the DJ and clubbing world. For 3 years he worked with some web radios like www.uniradio.it. In 2010he has the chance to play in many parties becoming the resident DJ of the Bicocca Disco Pub. Soon he starts playing in bigger clubs as the REPLAY in Foggia, and in the same time he continues his studies as sound man and music producer. He is always looking for good sounds capable of giving strong emotions during his sets.

Floyd G

Floyd G
Klubasic Records

Pole Dancing – Bidibi BODYbi PAINTING

Our last music production for Bidibi BODYbi PAINTING !
Body Paint by Bidibi BODYbi PAINTING
Pole Dancer: Dana Tramp
Video by edi-graf.com