Our Certified Ableton Trainer: Marcello Ruggiu !

Marcello started making music at the age of 16 when he first bought an old Yahama sequencer, a computer and drum kit. He then started to play drums in a collection of bands until he decided to move to Milan and study as a Sound Engineer at SAE. Following on from his studies, he worked … [Read more…]

Access Virus-A

A pic to one of our favorite synthesizers, it’s perfect for every music genres! We love our machines and you can hear them sound in our productions. You can listen to the sound of one of these machine downloading the remix pack of our Remix Contest and, why not, get into the competition and win … [Read more…]

Join the first dTp – Remix Contest

Join the first DeepTanz Productions Remix Contest! Delicious prizes for you and your music! Welcome to the first Remix Contest powered by DeepTanz Productions in collaboration with our artists. For the first contest we choose one of our finest producer Vicky Rolph, a talented Drum and Bass producer with a strong attitude for breaks and … [Read more…]

dTp-Archive-002 – KïK

We are now online and ready to help you with your music project! We have a gift we want to share with you to introduce ourselves! KïK a sample based drum kick designer for Ableton Live. Drop the device in a MIDI channel and play notes on your keyboard. Our KïK can be played in … [Read more…]

dTp-Archive-001 – MüG

We all love analog sounding synthesisers and we all know how much they can be expensive. To help you to achieve that analog feel we built a new device that will give you some of that energy that only an analog synth can give: MüG MüG is a sample based synthesizer you can download together … [Read more…]