Join the first DeepTanz Productions Remix Contest!

Delicious prizes for you and your music!

Welcome to the first Remix Contest powered by DeepTanz Productions in collaboration with our artists. For the first contest we choose one of our finest producer Vicky Rolph, a talented Drum and Bass producer with a strong attitude for breaks and aggressive synthesisers mixed together with a nuance of ambient and noise.

The contest will close on 17 December 2016 , and you will be voted by the people online so be ready to enter the challenge and get more votes!


about VEB aka Victoria Rolph

Hey all my name is Victoria Rolph, Music started as a passion for me from the age of 6, I Grew up listening to all styles of genres, my main focus now is Drum and Bass, I love to produce this type of sound, it suits my personality and my followers love my character sound, it’s so important to start with your own style and to enhance and embrace this as time allows, I have done various courses through Point Blank Music College in London, I think my favourite by far was Sound Design, your creativity can really flow from learning some simple techniques, and to use only the tools within Ableton starting with something so simple but ending up with amazing atmospheres, something my followers really love, however Max for Live is highly recommended!My secret is basically where I created a simple bassline within Ableton’s instruments and Max for Live, this is where I found my sound… I also use my own vocals to finalise the end result… the story is within the music!I’m a professional Model by day and Music Producer by night… Stay positive and keep making vibes!!VEB.

Rules and judgement:

Cook your own remix, upload it on your soundcloud’s account with the name:
DTPRMX001 – VEB – My Secret (YourName Remix)dtptmx_instruction-1

and then, submit your track by soundcloud’s message
at the dTp profile:

The first 10 best tracks will be selected by our artist that will list his 5 favourite. These 5 favourite tracks will receive prizes offered by DeepTanz Productions. You will have acces to free Mixing, Mastering, presets, discounts, and the chance to be included in the compilation that will be released at the end of the contest.

It’s your time to get your music out so don’t be shy and upload your tracks!

Download your remix pack:

Download DTPRMX001