We can help you to learn! Our experienced Ableton Certified Trainer will help you to learn everything you need to create a music production or perform live.
We offer both 36 hours courses or tuition on demand. You will just need an internet connection and a skype connection we will think to everything else.

You can choose to follow a 36 hours course or to just book online tuition hours and get any help you need.

36 hours course with Ableton Certified Trainer Marcello Ruggiu
(available lessons in English and Italian)

The course can be a good help for people starting with music production but also for more experienced musicians in need of a professional tutoring.

    ⁃    Ableton Live introduction
    ⁃    Session View and Arrangement View
    ⁃    Preferences
    ⁃    Browser
    ⁃    Recording your voice
    ⁃    Warp
    ⁃    Create a loop from a song or recording
    ⁃    Create a drum kit
    ⁃    Write a beat
    ⁃    Using virtual instruments
    ⁃    Writing basslines
    ⁃    Writing Chords
    ⁃    Writing leads
    ⁃    Audio to midi conversion
    ⁃    Slicing
    ⁃    Midi Effects
    ⁃    Audio Effects
    ⁃    Audio editing and Automations
    ⁃    Arranging a song
    ⁃    Playing your song live
    ⁃    Advanced warping techniques
    ⁃    Advanced Audio Effects
    ⁃    Advanced Midi Effects
    ⁃    Controllers and PUSH2
    ⁃    External Instruments
    ⁃    Mixing
    ⁃    Mastering