Meet the Team

Marcello and Giorgio are the guys behind the idea of DeepTanz Productions. They love music and together with George, Rico and Stefano, they will help you to realize your ideas.


Marcello Ruggiu

Music Production & Training

Marcello is a Sound Engineer and music producer other than a Certified Ableton Trainer since 2009. He worked as sound engineer and music producer for many music projects, before in Milan and now in London where he is collaborating with many musicians and artists around Europe.
Marcello began his career after his studies as sound engineer, teaching Electronic Music Production and at the same time working in many fields of the music production. This makes Marcello the perfect person to ask help for finalizing a product or bring it to a live performance. Also, Marcello Will help you to learn everything you need with our online music production courses.


Giorgio Ortelli

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Giorgio is the dTp's point of reference for what regards sound quality and songs finalization, offering up to 20 years experience in music production and 10 years experience in Mixing & Mastering services.
With a great interest and activity in the Psychedelic Trance music field, founder of the music label Labyrinthine Crew.
Releasing many albums and tracks through labels all around the world, he performed his music in Argentina, Brazil, India, and many European countries, with his artistic guise Oblium.
Giorgio delivers top quality mixes and masters to his audience but also to our customers.
He's the owner of Optinervear Studio where he works on various kinds of music, using both digital and analog gear to give to our customers a contemporary HD sound without losing the typical color and warmth of the analog sound.


Rico Casazza

Music Production & Training

Few years, since 2007 he has maintained a prolific series of Albums and EPs, releasing music under his own name and other aliases.
His works have been contaminated by different music genres within the spectrum of electronic music, not focusing on a particular genre.
Rico has used Ableton Live for 9 years, making and releasing loads of music material and also performing live with Ableton Live and live machines.
He moved from Italy to London to pursue his musical dream and to become a quite well-known music producer in the capital, also his Ableton Live skills has taken him to perform live in many clubs of the city and around Europe.


Copia di akageorge_avatar-square


Songwriter / Producer / Arranger

George is a songwriter/producer based in East London. He started on drums, guitar, and piano in 2004 and continues to use many organic instruments in his music today. He performs with his solo project AKA George and produces for others. George’s forte is arrangement and composition. Sometimes loop-based music can feel restrictive or rigid - this is where George comes in. His songwriting skills make him the perfect collaborator to take a birds-eye-view of your project, and breathe new life into it. Whether you need help with an arrangement, lyrical inspiration, or simply don’t know where to start, George is your guy.


Stefano Ramalli

Music Production & Training

Stefano is an Italian music producer specialized in Ableton Live. Since 2008 he has been playing in different bands and electronic projects, releasing albums and EPs. He integrates softwares, analog instruments, and machines, both in production and during live performances.
In 2013 he founded his own studio ( focussed on production, mixing and sound editing with which he has realized many different kinds of projects, starting from Fashion Film soundtracks to major brand Commercials tracks. Stefano is currently based in London and collaborates and works with international clients.